VPS Hosting

Effortlessly get the power and flexibility you need. Experience high-performance SSDs on OpenStack for 3X the speed plus unlimited traffic. You also get KVM virtualization for full control of your hardware resources.
      • Total control with full root access and optional control panels.
      • Backups with uptime and performance monitoring.
      • Unlimited traffic – 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
Free SSL Certificate Included in all the plans

Our Cloud Servers

Reseller Host Pro’s business cloud servers are much more powerful than a traditional VPS servers offered by most hosting providers. Reseller Host Pro’s cloud servers are designed to give your business a powerful and fast server that is built on the latest Dell server range powered by OnAPP cloud software designed for Enterprise. Each cloud server includes fail over hardware and data replication over multiple storage servers.

VPS Hosting plans and prices:

All cloud VPS servers now run on the latest Dell PowerEdge servers with 1TB of RAM and a pair of 24 Core Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 Processors, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring there a plenty of resources for all VPS servers
VPS - 01
VPS - 02
VPS - 03
VPS - 04
VPS - 05
SSD Disk:
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Operating systems and distributions

Discover the ideal operating system for your virtual private server

Secure VPS hosting

SSD cloud-powered VPS designed to meet the demands of the most demanding projects. From redundant storage networks, backup solutions and firewall rules, to access and data transfer — everything is designed for maximum security.

Certified infrastructure

Our data centers are among the most secure and most modern in the world. They are backed by our commitment to provide the you with the highest levels of uptime.

SSL encryption

For the best possible protection of your data and maximum reassurance for your users, a wildcard SSL certificate is included in all VPS packages.

Firewall management

The external firewall automatically protects you from attacks. Individual firewall rules can be set centrally in your cloud control panel.

DDoS protection

Our global scrubbing protects you against DDoS and sustained high-bandwidth attacks by diverting suspect traffic to our scrubbing centers — mitigating the threat and protecting your infrastructure.


For an additional fee, you can backup your data with an industry-leading solution.

24/7 expert support

If an issue arises, our server experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ll get your issue solved fast, minimizing any downtime.

Full flexibility and easy administration

Choose from a range of widely used Linux operating systems. Root access means total control of your VPS: Change any file, install server-wide applications and fully customize your server to the needs of your project. WHM management software also enables you to control your server conveniently and securely.

The latest cloud technologies

Maximum VPS performance is ensured by the latest-generation of cloud hardware — including Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and 100% SSD storage. VMware virtualization and redundant SAN storage guarantee maximum availability, while the intuitive IONOS cloud panel streamlines VPS management.